Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuscany and Rome (Or, Zack's quest for the perfect gelato) - Part 1

When we left Venice, we moved on to Lucca by train.

Lucca is beautiful.  It is surrounded by an immaculate tree-lined wall (that you can walk on, bike on, and eat pizza on -- which we did) and contains narrow cobble stoned streets and lovely piazzas.  Most people there get around by bicycle, and the population is, apparently, very affluent, as I counted quite a few stylish older women riding vintage bicycles with Hermes handbags casually hanging from the handlebars.

Lucca is also the hometown of Puccini! I dragged Zack to all of the Puccini sites and then to a concert that evening featuring Mozart and Puccini arias.  Zack, unfortunately, preferred Mozart to Puccini.... my heart, of course, has always been with Giacomo.

The next day, we rented bikes and took to the streets! (...and then a pretty park along a river outside of Lucca).  We biked around for about 5 hours straight, which is good, since I believe we doubled-down on the gelato that day (we contemplated eating just gelato for one complete day, but never carried out the plan).

Then we were off to Siena to check out the Duomo (which was seriously tricked out!) and spend the night before we picked up our car the following morning:

Piazza del Campo-ing-out to check the iPad.

(Fiat) Panda in the wild.

The next day was ambitious - perhaps too ambitious...

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